Klaus Philipsen, the president of ArchPlan Inc., has 35 years of experience with transportation planning and transit facility design. In his capacity as Borough Council he helped introduce the concept of traffic calming to his native Stuttgart in the early eighties, and worked with the Stuttgart Transit Authority on transforming the legacy streetcar into a modern light rail system. He worked in the former Greater London Council with a multi-disciplinary team of transportation engineers and urban planners. He has continued transit work in Baltimore, Maryland initially as architectural project manager on the 1989 Central Light Rail Line and now as president of ArchPlan on a multitude of consulting contracts for the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) and others. Work includes feasibility studies, facility design, alignment planning, FTA reports under the New Starts regulations and the integration of transit and land use planning (TOD). ArchPlan brings to the table the holistic and comprehensive view of an architect combined with detailed competency in several areas of transportation and transit design. ArchPlan has worked as a consultant to transportation authorities and as a subconsultant to transportation engineering firms